Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday & Other Note

Today my dear big brother, Jeffrey is celebrating his 42nd birthday. Being a good sister, of course, I have to do a shout out to him. :)

To Jeff, I am wishing you a very happy birthday. Thank you for being such an awesome big brother (except for when you're being bossy when we were kids... hehe...) and for being a good role model for me. And for spoiling me on my last two trips to Indonesia. You sure know how to make your little sister feel special. 

BTW, your birthday card is on the way. As always your sister tend to procrastinate till the last minute to mail things out. At least, this year you will actually get your card in the same month.

Last year, I made a card for him and I asked my cousin's husband who travel to Indonesia quite a bit to bring a stack of cards for my family. Well, long story short, his trip got cancelled, then he ended up never going, months later I got my cards back, and I finally get to give all the cards for last year events (including birthday, Easter, anniversaries, etc.) to my family when I went to Indonesia this past February. 

I just don't trust Indonesian mailing system too much when it come to mailing a thick envelope or package. So, I thought why didn't just give it to someone who will go there anyway. Yeah... it didn't work. So, back to mailing card one at a time and to be safe no bulky card either

Speaking about birthday, how about a cute birthday card to make you smile?

I am loving this LOTV mice very much. One of  this day, I'll have the other mice stamps. They're just too cute not to have.

By the way, do you notice the change in my blog? Yep... I decided to re-design my blog and I had Karen Baker (The Bald Dragonfly) helped me out with the blog header design. She's amazing so easy to work with & such a professional. She truly capture the idea in my head and translate it the way I actually see it in my mind.

If you ever thinking of re-design your blog, I highly recommend her. I want my blog header to capture my design style. I want it clean, sweet with cheerful colors and boy... she did it. I truly love, love, love the whole design. Thank you, Karen for doing this and for making my imagination come true.

And, how about ending the post with even more cuteness? Here's the latest pic of Eli, the little trouble makers who share his mom's love of papers. ;) Eli said  may your day be filled with things that make you smile, like a good bone treat, or new  toy or paper to chew, or whatever makes you  happy . Wooffy... woof from Eli.

Hi, I am Eli. I am cute & I know it.


Trinh said...

Cute card, Vera, & I love your new blog header! Hopefully I will meet sweet Eli one day soon!

Bethany said...

aww...your dog is SO cute!

I love your coloring on your card-awesome!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Oeh, these mice are so perfectly cute! I can understand why you love them sooo much!! What a pretty card this is!!
Hugs, Wendy

chillin with Quillin said...

the card is sooo cute, love the mice, well done on the coloring!!!
Love your dog to, sooo cute!!!

Julia said...

Gorgeous card and Eli is sooo cute! I'm loving the photo :)

Ayana Posadas said...

This is such an adorable card, Vera. I love it! Oh, and I love your new banner too. Karen did a fabulous job!

Wee Von said...

I really love those little mices! This is an adorable card. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

Barb said...

is it wrong to be in love with a pug? if it is, i don't want to be right! he's so sweeet! beautiful card too. sorry, my love for eli overshadows all other things. :)

Jennifer Rzasa said...

I LOVE your new blog design! It suits you well :)

Karen B. said...

Hooray! It looks amazing all set up! You are a complete gem to work with, thank you for the opportunity! And your little Eli, he is so precious!

Annette said...

oh my this card is just so darn cute...Totally love it and for Eli how cute is he...oh i forgot he already knows it.. lol :)

Susan F. said...

I love the mice too!

Kara Lynne said...

Those mice are hard to resist! So many on my wish list. I love your blog design. I'm new to blogging, so I really see the details just now.


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