Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well, how fun, it's Wednesday already. Love short work week.  :) Time seems to fly by faster.

Yesterday, hubby and I took Eli to the dog park and he had his first experience of being completely submerge in the pool. It was by accident of course. He was chased by the other puppy and by the time he flop down, he was totally in the pool. I wish I had remember to take picture, because his face was just so comical. It was like, what the heck just happened here? And, being surrounded by 3 bigger dogs, not much time to think of the wetness.

Then, he started walking around the edge of the pool and I guess he din't know what's the splash all about as he was busy trying to catch the splash he made. He kept trying to bite at the splash. At first, I thought he was trying to chase a dragonfly that I saw flying around the pool, but nope... chasing splash was more interesting for him. He cracks me up! :D

That's what I love about Eli, how he could find things to entertain himself. Needless to say, he slept on the way home. Sorry, babbling on about Eli here. :)

I do have a card to share. This time I actually pull out my patterned paper and combine it with some stamping. This beautiful sentiment is from Market Street Stamp. I'm entering this for Simon Says Stamp Anything Goes challenge.

Yep, slowly vintage looking project starts to grow on me. I only like it in small dosage, though. Heh... Have a great day everyone. :)


Lin said...

LOVE this card, Vera - you're a natural at it, just like you are with most any style :)) Beautifully done!

Yvette said...

Beautiful card with a lovely sentiment!

Kara Lynne said...

This is a perfect card with that sentiment. Your green stamping is a wonderful border. Eli sounds like such a character!

Lisa said...

Vera this is sooo pretty! I love that sentiment as well- it's so true :)
Have a great weekend girl!

Lalo said...

Yeah vintage is hard for me but I like it when you do it!!! It looks great and your little dog sounds like he had fun in the pool!!!

chillin with Quillin said...

beautiful card, love the sentiment!!!!
Pets can be very intertaining and so loveable!!!

Susan F. said...

I'm not into vintage-look cards but yours is really pretty Vera. I love the verse.


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