Friday, June 8, 2012

Ollie & Birthday Stuff

In our household, the puggies ruled. :) That's just the way it goes. I know, lately I've been showing Eli pics, but today, it's time to share Ollie's pic as she just celebrated her 14th birthday. 

Ollie is my first baby. I have her since she was only 8 weeks old and she is one feisty, bossy pug, but we love her. This week is not the best week for her, though. She's been coughing non-stop and on Wednesday (which was her birthday) we had to take her in to the vet and they suspected collapsed bronchia, and due to her age, surgery is not an option.

So, right now she's under 4 different medications. Needless to say, hubby and I haven't had a good sleep this week. And, I want to thank hubby for being such a great dad to Ollie. Even though he's only been part of Ollie's life for the past 5 years, he loves her so much and really take care of her and spoiling her. She is his buddy. He even share (or more like give up) his man cave with her. 

14 is pretty old for dogs and I am grateful to still have her with us. The doctor said her heart is a strong one for her age. To Ollie, happy birthday baby girl, despite causing us lack of sleep, we love you bunches.

Since today, all about dog, I want to share this card that was published on Paper Crafts Practical Solutions a while back. The sentiment reflect how I feel about my puggies. :)

The dog was inspired by Picasso one line drawing and I freehand shape the dog. I think beside my fish card, this is one of the card I am most proud of. Shaping wire is tricky, especially when you're like me, where you want the line to be super straight. I tried to make a pug shape and ended up with messed up, crushed wire because I got frustrated. LOL.

And, speaking about birthday, my brother finally got my belated birthday card and I just love him for bragging and sharing my card with his followers on twitter (he has tons of followers). My family supports always means the world to me. This is his twitter POST, sharing this pic that he took.

Pic by Jerry Aurum Wirianta

Enjoy your Friday everyone.


Elizabeth Allan said...

Sending Ollie wishes to feel better soon! You are a wizard at shaping wire Vera!

Kara Lynne said...

Hi Vera, I didn't know you had Ollie, where have I been?! Happy Birthday to her and hope she feels better soon. Love the wire, that can't be easy. So glad you have such a supportive family. Hope you get some much needed rest soon!

Rachel said...

your little ollie is adorable. happy birthday to her! she will stay strong and healthy for you :) your wire sculpting is just amazing. i would have never even tried!

-Rachel w k

Susan F. said...

The dog on the card is so cute.
What a great job with wire. I love the mousie card.
Happy Birthday to Ollie.I hope she improves a lot this week.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

How awesome to have your brother tweet your card! LOVE it! And that dog image----CLEVER! AMAZING! I LOOOOOOVE it! You rock! Sorry you haven't had much sleep lately--hope everything gets back to normal soon:) <3

Yvette said...

Happy Birthday to Ollie and hope she feels better soon. That dog card is cute and so is that mousie card. Love it!

Bethany Stellpflug said...

great CAS card Vera! I love the dog shape!

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