Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back To Two

Exactly 2 months ago from today, my mom arrived from Jakarta.  And, for 2 months I get to be spoiled by mom. Nothing like having mom's cooking, you know. And, just like when we were kids, my mom diligently prepared my breakfast and lunch box. :) Hubby tend to skip breakfast, so he didn't get one. But, hubby sure was happy that he didn't have to cook much while my mom was here.

Yeah, me and cooking don't get along, so hubby is the chef of the household. But, he got wonderful break this past 2 months and I think he's hoping that my mom's cooking lesson for me will stick and I will actually try to cook those recipes. Hm.... no promise from my end. LOL.

This past Sunday, she went back home to Jakarta. And, now it's back to just me and hubby. Just the two of us and the doggies. Sigh...

Seriously, I think no matter how old I am, I find it very hard to be separated from my family. Whenever I have to say goodbye to my family, I become a mushy mess. I cry. A lot.

And,  on Monday morning, I wasn't the only one that miss my mom. Eli, the puppy miss her as well. As soon as he woke up he went by my mom's room and waited by the door. The look on his face was pitiful, as if he's asking, "Where's grandma go?" She is his snuggle buddy. He loves napping on her lap and at night if he didn't sleep with us, he was with grandma. Yep.. we all miss my mom being here.

Anyway, in trying not to dwell in being sad, I buried myself in card making. I have lots of catching up to do. And, this week Some Odd Girl is releasing some new winter digi images. Today's image is my favorite from the release, called "Winter Bear".

Isn't he cute? 

Also, I want to do a quick reminder for everyone who is planning to participate for Caring Hearts Card Drive. You have 17 more days to send in your cards. Even if you can only send 3 or 4, please do send them out. Even 1. Every single card counts. Let's spread joy to as many seniors as we can.  Thank you in advance for all the supports. 

Stay tune for Gina K. Designs blog hop coming up in a few hours. :)

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June K said...

From one "me and cooking don't get along" gal to another. . . I loved reading about your mom and how close you are to her. Dogs get so attached to family members, don't they? Oh, I can't forget about your card. Very cute. Beautiful coloring.


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