Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lacy Flower

Can't remember if I have shared this card on my blog or not. I made it a while back and it was published on CARDS October 2012 edition.

I am really loving the gray color at the moment.

And, sorry for the super short post. Not feeling too well, today. Hope today is a great day for all of you. :) 


~amy~ said...


Angelica said...

Girrrrrl, I love me some yellow and grey! This is amazing! Stunning! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, and I hope you're better by today. I had SUCH a bad flu last week and it's making its way through my family now. Yucko. Hope you're doing well, sweet Vera! Sending hugs to you! And thanks, too for sharing your blog on the Market Street Stamps Facebook page! xo Angelica

Christine said...

Love, love, love this one....esp the color combo!


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