Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing With Bleach

Back when I first started stamping in 1997, one of the first technique I learned was using bleach for stamping. But, somehow I often forget to do it. Well, that and I don't like the bleach smell.

Anyway, a while back I was working on submission that challenged us to use bleach. And this is one is a reject, but I still think it's pretty cute, so I'll share it here. :)

To stamp with bleach, I just soak in a paper towel with bleach and place it in a flat container. You don't want to put too much bleach because if the stamp get too wet, you will end up with splotchy image. Basically you just want enough bleach to wet the towel, but don't see any bleach pooling on the container.

And from my experience it's better not to press the stamp too hard. Oh, and wash you stamp as soon as you're done. I am not sure whether bleach will ruin your stamp or not (like making it too dry), but I figure if bleach could cause a hole in your shirt, better be safe than sorry. ;)

I am counting the days to CHA!! In 3 more days I get to see the girls and seems like quite a few of us staying at the same hotel. So, that would be super fun. And, on Friday I have scheduled a fun hop and you don't want to miss it. Thanks for stopping by here. Cheers....


Veronica Z said...

Vera, this is such a pretty card!

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

So sweet!

Susan F. said...

That is so cute.


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