Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary Jerry & Dena

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

A year ago, on this day my family and I were busy getting ready for my brother's wedding. And it was the rare time where all of us were together and able to celebrate Valentine's day as a family. It was a sweet moment just because all of us were there.

Then, came February 15th when we welcome a new member to our family, my awesome SIL, Dena. (I really should post this on the 15th, but I have a couple post already scheduled for tomorrow and besides I figure the 14th noon here is equal the 15th in Indonesia). 

I mailed them this card that's published on the current Paper Crafts Creative Card Challenges (for using butterfly in your card). It's one of my favorite card. 

Here's pic of the happy couple on their wedding day.

Just look at their big smiles.

These 2 are just a couple of my favorite pics from their wedding.I actually have lots of favorite. I mean their wedding was truly the best wedding I've ever attended. And it was fun as well. Beautiful & fun just like the couple.

My brother said just like they said in romance novel, when
he danced with her it's as if there only the 2 of them in the world.

My goofy, wild, but romantic brother found his match. And.... a year later, they are now mommy & daddy to a precious baby girl, our li'l sunshine, Shakira. As the proud auntie, I may be a bit bias, but I think she's super cute! I love her big, bright eyes. That eyes totally combination of the parents. The shape just like my SIL's, but the glint of those big eyes totally my brother's.

To Jerry & Dena, I wish you both many happiness and may your marriage always be blessed with love & joy. And as you go through the up and down of marriage may you always be filled with enough love to be understanding to one another and be willing to forgive. And thank you for giving me a beautiful niece. Good job on  the production! ;)

You  know as I was browsing through the pictures from the event, I also realized how much I love my extended family. I mean the wedding was also our big family reunion with my aunts, uncles, cousins from Germany, Malaysia, Australia coming down for the occasion. It was a blast. And part of me truly wish I can hang out with them more often, getting to know them better.

With my girl cousins & aunts.

With many of us scattered all over the world, it truly makes me appreciate the time when we're able to get together. Heck, some of them I just met in person for the very first time last year. One was maybe 20 years ago? It just that looking at the pictures, I am reminded of how blessed I am with our big family. Some maybe crazy (hey no family is fun without some dysfunction or crazyness, right?), but bottom line it's a good family to belong to. I really do appreciate  my cousins. They're pretty darn awesome.

My big family (from my mom's side)

Okay, enough rambling from me. I was feeling nostalgic. Have a beautiful and lovely Valentine's day. Share the love people!! :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet review Ling...

chillin with Quillin said...

pretty card like the pattern on the rose!
the pics are all gorgeous, love those eyes on the baby,shes adorable!!!


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