Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Hi peeps, this week Some Odd Girl is releasing a couple sets of new cute files. One of the set is Rectangle Card Backgrounds and the neat thing is you get 3 different background on this set.
Since triangle is such a trend right now, I decided to play with the triangle background and here's the card:

Fun card, right?

Growing up I was very shy and shyness is something that I have to work on even to this day. So, the saying "dance like no one is watching" is a great reminder to me to keep working on overcoming my shyness. ;)

Actually looking at this card, made me think of my CHA trip this past January. A bunch of us were walking around Downtown Disney and there's this live music show going on and my friend Latisha just start dancing and jamming to the song in front of everyone with no care in the world.  I was sooo jealous wishing that I could do that! In my head I could imagine myself doing that, but in real life... nope. If I force myself to do that my face probably be red like lobster. :(

Well, I am getting better. LOL, if you have met the Vera from 10 years ago, you wouldn't have believe I am the same person. So overcoming shyness is a work in progress, and we all can appreciate progress, right? What about you, anything that you still working on about yourself?

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Kara Lynne said...

What a great background! It really looks hip, just like the girl. I am very self-conscious. I don't want anyone to think I do anything wrong. I will always be working on that.


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