Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweet & Salty

Well, yesterday I had my first experience for jury duty. Basically, I had to wait for about 3 hours at the court house waiting to hear whether I get selected or not. There were 4 hearings going on and we were waiting to find out whether any of them would end up in jury trial and if yes, thenthey randomly select 36 people for each trial for further jury selection.
My name didn't get called. And, I am off the jury duty call for the next 3 years. Ha.... I had to play prank on my boss, though. I texted him that I got picked. Normal reaction that I expected, he freak out and call my hubby (we work for the same company) to check whether I am joking or not. Yep, we are known to pull prank on each other.
I could just see the way his mind thinking that work going to just piled up and then we'll have to do crazy catching up. I called him afterwards to let him know I am just kidding. ;) Moment like this is when I count my blessings that I work with someone that makes work fun!
Anyway, today back to normal work schedule. And... I am back with the latest release from Some Odd Girl called Sweet & Salty.
Here's my card using the cupcake:
3 patterned papers on 1 card!! Goodness, all those layering! ;)
The Oddies has created some fabulous & fun samples using this set. Check them all out HERE.
Also, today I am over at There She Goes Stamp blog. Check out my post & creation HERE.
Have fabulously sweet day!


Rachel said...

cute card! and UGH jury duty is rough! i'm like you... coast is clear for 3 years!
-Rachel w k

Indy's Designs said...

Oh too cute! Been on the waiting list to be called for jury duty, but haven't had to do my civic duty.

June K said...

You're too funny. I can just imagine what is going through your boss' mind. LOL. Then again, I've been on your boss' position when someone who works for me goes on jury duty. Everything goes crazy with work backed up. Sounds like you have a fun boss.

RiNNE said...

Super cute, Vera!

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