Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Fever

Good morning and happy Monday! Is your household catching the winter Olympic fever? We do. I love the Olympics. I think it's a great event that brings people from all around the world together. Granted, this one has many cloud over it, but I like to focus just on the positive part and the athletes.

Especially the athletes. I respect all of them regardless where they come from. Hats off especially to those from 3rd world countries. Some of them don't have the luxury of doing this for life where they can just focus on training. Many are doing hard, labor job (I forgot from which country, but the guy day time job is a brick layer) and some has to raise money to even be able to make the trip or to even have equipment.

My dad was an athlete (he was a wrestler) from 3rd world country, and no, he didn't get to reach the Olympic stage, but he did reached the Asian Games stage and from him I learned the many hardship that athletes from poor countries have to over come.

For me, Olympic is not just about watching the game. I like learning about the the people, their background, their stories. The people's stories are inspiring and makes me cheer for them regardless where they are from.

Whoops... there I went all over the place. This blog supposed to be about crafting, right? But, hey what can I say, life is more than just crafting. Anyhoo..... besides watching the Olympic, I did play a little bit in my craft room as well.

I decided to play along with Papertrey Ink Color & Sketch Recipe Card challenge. I picked this color combo and this sketch.

And, came up with this bright card:

If my mojo not running away, I might re-try this combo and do a different card. But, we'll see. Between work and Olympic, crafting time might be limited. See ya......


debby4000 said...

Oh what a gorgeous card.

Leigh Penner said...

Beautiful card, Ling!

Oreety said...

Absolutely gorgeous and clever take on the sketch!

Winter said...


Winter said...



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