Sunday, May 18, 2014


I finally finished my second entry for 2014 Paper  Crafts & Scrapbooking Gallery Idol open audition. Let me just say that the making of this card is as colorful in language as the card itself. Hah... My patience was sorely tested for this card. You'll see why...

Get your sunglasses out:

So, the first time I did this, my plan was creating the word by cutting, remove the washi tape and replace with another color washi tape. I was already on my second "L" and almost done before I realized that I  miscalculate my space and do not have enough space for the "O". So, all the frustration of carefully cutting and changing the color and have those tape sticking to  my fingers... I was like acckk..... colorful language, then breath in, breath out and decided to start it all over again.

The second time, I decided the word in colors is too much, too busy. So, again, I gently lift up the cut out part and decided to leave it white.

Let's see.... all in all... this one took me almost 2 hours or maybe slightly more including the breathing and calming down part. Hah... I am just glad I didn't give up. The result is quite worth it. And, no, I don't think I will repeat this again.

Anyhoo.... since you could enter 3 cards, I think the next one would be pretty simple.  See you tomorrow.


Shona Chambers said...

Completely and utterly worth your effort! I love the graphic design and mega bright colours. Its always great when you come so close to giving up, that you then end up with your best project to date!

Arlene said...

WOW, Well worth the effort.

Celeste Goff said... must have patience girl! Very pretty!

Susan F. said...

You should frame this one. I love your sense of humor in the write up.


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