Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Are My Happy

Yay... I get to scrapbook again. Slowly, but it feels so good. I decided to start an album for the "kids" and am using Studio Calico album. It's the perfect size as it can hold lots of pages and the smaller size allow me to complete the pages faster.

I am a slow scrapbooker as my perfectionist tendency usually come up to the surface when I scrapbook. Like, when things doesn't line up perfectly, it bugs me to no end and I kind of have to force myself to just let it go. That it's okay to have some imperfection on my page.

Anyway, I have these pics of hubby and Eli that I just love. Here's the way my page turned out. 

Eli was only about a couple months old on this pics and totally adorable! Of course, being his mommy, I will always think he's super cute. Hah... Hubby never really owned by a pug till he met me. Ollie was his first pug. And, when we got Eli, I told him once you hold a pug puppy, you can't go back. Heee... There's just something about pug that totally make my heart goes all soft.

These 2 are my happy. :)

I am entering this layout for Moxie Fab NSD: Scrapbooking Rock challenge

That's it for me today. See y'all later....


Shelly said...

This is so sweet, Vera! Love it! And oh do I ever hear you on being a perfectionist! You would not wanna see how many cards I start over because the sentiment/image wasn't straight! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Vera!


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