Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christmas in July

What??? Yeah, I know, I know, it's super hot out there. It is summer after all. And, we're thinking about Christmas already?? Well, I guess deep down we're wishing for a cooler weather, thus we just imagine it's almost Christmas?

On the other hand, we can pretend that I am that well organized that I start working on my holidays cards this many months in advance. Hah... Well, this is actually the latest Riley &Company challenge (simply  click on the link if you'd like to play along).

I made a mini card for this challenge as for the life of me, right  now, my mojo is out the window. Mini card is just so much easier to do. Maybe I left my mojo back in Bali and it still on vacation mode. I think this been the longest where I am struggling to create. Like it's been over a month!

Hoping that my mojo will come back soon. Cross fingers. :)

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