Friday, July 18, 2014

What You Sprinkled

Happy Friday! After waiting for almost 2 months, my Papertrey Ink Sprinkle kit finally arrived!!I really get this set because of the stamp set and the word dies. I like the word sprinkles, so the moment I saw this kit, I was like I have to get this!

When hubby & I was dating, I made a mistake of saying that it's sprinkling when it was raining lightly, instead of saying it was drizzling. Being English is my second language, sometime when the word I needed doesn't come to mind, I'd use other word to try to explain thing. And, other time it was just reflects. Like when I was saying it was sprinkling.

So now, whenever it rains hubby would say it's sprinkling. :) And, to top it off, one of my favorite way to eat bread is with peanut butter & chocolate sprinkles. I think we see a pattern, right? Yes, this girl like sprinkles. I think it's such a pretty, happy word.

Well, I get to play with the kit right away and made this card for Iron Craft challenge #3. I was interviewed by Chaitali HERE and now there's a challenge based on the question asked during the interview. 

My question to the blog readers was, "What is your passion outside of paper crafting?" So, for the challenge based on my question Chaitali challenge us to make a card that reflect our passion. Mine was dog rescue & being kind. I believe deeply in trying to make this world a better place even in your own small way. Whether it's by helping dogs that needed help, helping a friend in need or offering kindness to a stranger, etc. And, I feel like the sentiment on this card totally reflect my principal in life.

Pretty fun challenge, right? Something different. I just couldn't pass it. Especially, in this past weeks where there's so many sad news, between the war in Syria, the Israel Gaza situation and yesterday the Malaysian airline being shot down, I feel the need to spread good positive energy, positive thoughts. Let us sprinkle goodness whenever we can. Let us take the time to use our passion, whatever it is, to make a better, positive world. Peace. Yes... let's sprinkle lots of goodness so may there be peace.


Shelly said...

Love this!!! And I too, have always said 'sprinkling' for light rain and still do to this day. :) May just be where one is from, just like soda or pop or cola,etc?...

And your post is a sweet one! Yes, we should sprinkle goodness everywhere we can! ;) Hugs

Rannah Romps said...

Hi, Rannah (Ling) Romps here. Just wanted to say that outside my paper crafting I am into my adopted dog. He came from the pound and was not very good looking, (he still isn't) and he smells all the time, but he is one of the BEST dogs I have ever had! So gentle to little children, little animals and he is so smart. Was so easy to train. I know he appreciates having a home. I love him soooo much!!

Celeste Goff said...

What a beautiful card! And Vera, you're not along in saying it's sprinkling when it rains lightly. I've said that for years and English is my first language. LOL

June K said...

Pretty "sprinkled" card, Vera. You made me laugh because I always say "it is sprinkling" when there is light rain. I never say "drizzling" and not that many people around here say that (northern Calif). I think it may be a regional thing where one is more common than the other. So, your English is fine in my book. :)

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