Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dancing Baby Groot & More Caring Hearts Pics

Happy Wednesday. Slowly but surely I get my Christmas cards mailed out. The way I look at it, better late than not sending one at all, right? 

For today, I want to share this card that I made for Purple Onion Designs. They have shared it on POD blog, but I haven't share it here. 

Christmas; Purple Onion Design

Have I told you, I love cutesy stuff?? LOL, you probably like, "Yeah, we know!!". Sorry, I tend to gush when I see cute stuff. For example, this past weekend we saw Guardian of the Galaxy and at the end, did you see the dancing baby Groot? Oh.My.Word!! The moment I saw it, I told hubby, I want baby Groot! (What's dancing bay Groot you asked? Check it out HERE)

Hah... Hubby actually saw this movie before me and when he saw Rocket the raccoon and the dancing baby Groot, he knew right away I'd love this movie and that I'd want the dancing baby Groot. And, guess what?? Nope, of course it's impossible to get an actual dancing baby Groot, but yepper, he's getting me baby Groot Wobble Head! 


I love my hubby. He knows his wife is not much into jewelry or fancy stuff, but prefer cutesy stuff. I think he knows he got it right, when I hug him the moment he told me what he's getting me. I plan on putting this in my office, so I can look at it and smile every time I have a stressful moment. :)

Okay, enough gushing on baby Groot. I have more Caring Hearts Card Drive pics to share with you all. These ones courtesy of our elf in New York. Thank you Kimberly Rendino for sharing these pics. Kimberly said the people have fun checking out each other card and see where they came from.

Then, this next one is from elf in Houston. Thank you Laura Coplin for sharing this pic.

Michelle Ramirez & Elf happily receiving the cards
for the residents at Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital Nursing Home

Hope you  enjoy seeing the pics. Again, thank you for helping us reaching out to thousands of people and spread Christmas joy all over. Your cards do brighten someone's day. xoxo


Rubeena I. said...

I love cutesy stuff too!!! :) love the card. Their stamps are adorable. Thank you for sharing more pictures :)

Dawnll said...

I so enjoy seeing the pictures of more card elves...thank you for sharing. your card is adorable as can be

Kara Lynne said...

The card and baby Groot are both darling! I'm with you, I love the cute stuff too. Great to see the recipients of the cards!

Kimberly Rendino said...

I was so happy to be an elf! The recipients genuinely appreciated everyone's efforts. Thanks again, Vera, for all you've done!

Unknown said...

Hi Vera!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the box of cards and delivered them on Sunday. My friend works at the nursing home so she received the package and was so incredibly grateful! :)

Jamie said...

Awww these pics are awesome! I love your card, I'm waiting for my order from Purple Onion to arrive in the mail any day now:)

Celeste Goff said...

What an awesome card! Love your bobble head Groot and thank you for sharing the Caring Hearts pics with us!

Shelly said...

Such a CUTE card, Vera!!! And how ADORABLE is that dancing groot?!!...Love the Caring Hearts pics!

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