Thursday, January 15, 2015

Always & Forever

Before Eli, there's Ollie. My 1st pug. My very 1st dog that's all mine. I grew up always having dogs, but Ollie was my 1st dog I have as an adult. I did my research, learned about the breed, learned about being good dog mommy before I got her. I wanted to do it right, because for me, having a dog is for life. 

I got Ollie back in 1998 and she is every little bit a pug. Spunky, bossy, loving, stubborn, loyal. She's my loyal companion that always by my side through the up and down of life. When I went through a hard time, to the point of debating whether I should just go back to Indonesia or stay in the US, she's the reason I kept moving forward. I just couldn't leave her.

She taught me to never give up. How? Easy. After every meal time, she always check my other dogs's bowl to see if they eat all their food. Never fail. I was like, Ollie you know they always eat their food. But, she'd look at me as if saying, so?? Nothing wrong with keep trying. You never know when you could get lucky, like hey he missed a kibble there. :)

She was with me for over 15 years. I cried for days when I found out that I had to let her go back in October 2013. Last night, I finally took the step to document how special she's for me.

Supplies: MFT All My Love, MFT I Love You More,
MFT All My Love dies, MFT Bubblegum premiumdye ink pad.

I am still struggling to do the journaling. There's still more pics of us that I want to scrapbook, so I'll probably write my journaling on that page. Right now, this is a start of what I know going to be difficult pictures to document because I do miss my girl.  So, yes, the page is super simple. I simply add the heart & stamped the sentiment.

I might add more to this page, but right now, this is it. That sentiment says it all. 

It feels pretty darn good going back to scrapbooking. As you can see, my scrapbooking style is the same as my card making style. Clean & simple. :)


Julia Plunkett said...

Beautiful tribute.

Kara Lynne said...

So difficult to let them go. It's wonderful that you are scrapbooking about your sweet faithful companion. I love her "never give up" attitude!

Joy said...

I so know what you mean about how hard it is to document, I cannot bring myself to do this, it is still so raw, you are in my thoughts hun, I love that you found the strength to share this and your baby, big hugs

Susan R. Opel said...

I love this SO much, Vera. <3

Shelly said...

Your page is beautiful, Vera! Love.


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