Sunday, April 26, 2015

Orchids Beauty

Growing up, I watch my mom loving her orchids collection. There's something elegant about orchids, in my opinion. My mom's best friend actually own an orchid farm. I, myself never been to her orchid farm, but even on the back of her house, she has pretty big size orchid garden filled with row after row of orchids. Some of them are rare, but one thing in common, they're all gorgeous.

My card today is showcasing my appreciation of the orchid beauty.

This orchid is from Crafter's Companion Sheena Laguna Orchids set. I keep the design simple and let the orchids take the center stage.

You can check out all Crafter's Companion Sheena collection HERE. That's it for this Sunday and may your day be a fabulous one.


ciloma said...

Lovely card. Beautiful orchids.

Veronica Z said...

Orchids are so beautiful and so is your card!

Celeste Goff said...

Vera, your card is simply stunning and the coloring is just fantastic!

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