Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Til The Cows Come Home & Italy Part 2

Hi peeps. I have more travel stuff to share, but, before I continue sharing more travel pic, I want to first share a project. This way, if you're not interest in the travel stuff, you don't have to scroll down long. :)

Before I left for my trip, I ordered My Favorite Things The Whole Herd set. As you know, animal stamp set & me is like peanut butter and jelly ( although, surprisingly, I don't do pbj. I do peanut butter with chocolate sprinklers). Hah... So, when I got home, this cuties already waited for me. I love love, love this set.

It's been a while since I do card with stacked animal. I have to say, this sentiment is my favorite from the set. It just sounds fun. :) You can rest assure, I'll be sharing more cards using this set.

Now, let's continue with the travel stuff. For our 2nd stop in Italy,we took the train from Milan to Venice. When we got out from the train station, I kind of pinching myself. Wow, we are actually in Venice. :)

You immediately see the water. And the tourists. This place was crowded! Luckily, our little apartment is located on a more quiet side of Venice. The sidewalk to the right on the pic below was the way to our apartment. As you can see, not too many people.

On the way to our apartment.

Our typical vacation involves lots of walking. We don't really do the lounging kind of thing. I got this from my family. When we vacation, we try to see as many things as possible. So, needless to say, as soon as we checked in, we got ready and started exploring.

Wandering around Venice, you can't help thinking if these walls could talk. Can you just imagine the history, the story behind them? Somehow the cracked wall, the chipped off paint add so much character and artistry to the buildings. I can't help wanting to keep snapping picture.

We didn't get to do the gondola. I asked hubby if it's important to experience it or not, considering the cost. They are not cheap. We both decided, it's not something that's important for us, so we skip it. We use the water bus instead. Much, much cheaper.

Seeing Venice, I could see, why photographers love this place. There's so many hidden and obvious beauty. Makes me wish I have my brother with me, because he sees those hidden thing through his lens.

The entrance at St. Mark

My favorite part, is when we get lost and found the quiet area. I think this is when you get to experience the real Venice. Besides, on the crowded area, whenever you want to take picture, all you got is people. It's hard to capture the beauty of the place when there's too many people.

I shudder to think that this is not even the peak, yet. They said in June or July it's even more crowded. I am like, um... no thank you. Big crowd overwhelm me.

And, in Venice we got our first chance to wash our clothes. Hubby was a bit surprised at first that there's no dryer. Me, I grew up with no dryer. It's normal. Anyway, when we found the place to hang clothes, I do have to wonder, how do the small people do it?

It's out of the window from our bedroom. I couldn't reach it enough where I can pull and move the rope. I could if I climbed on a chair and risk falling out the 3rd floor window. Hah! So, hubby got the job to hang the clothes. And, thank goodness for the translation app on my I-phone. I would have just guess what the word on the washer meant without it.

Laundry day!

As far as food, I personally find the food in Venice a bit disappointing. Except for the 1st night, hubby cooked for dinner instead. So, very thankful that I have a husband who doesn't mind cooking. Especially, since his wife not a cook at all. 

On our 2nd day, we took a  boat tour (again, cheaper than a gondola) and that was awesome. Nothing like seeing Venice from the water way and learning the history of it at the same time.

View of Venice from the boat tour.
For our last day, we took the water bus to visit Murano & Burano. Murano is famous for their glass work. And, yes, they are amazing! Hubby and I are both interested in glass making. We could sit for hours watching them working their magic with the glass.

It's so hard to resist the glass work. So many beautiful ones. What help with our decision was the fact that we each travel with only a carry-on luggage. We know before hand, that with the places we plan to visit, carrying big luggage is not practical. Am actually pretty proud that I packed 12 days worth of clothes in 1 carry-on. :) So, with limited space, we focus only getting a small stuff.

Glass art at Murano

Of course, hubby and I are always on the look out for pug. Well, low & behold, hubby found the 1 store that carry some glass pugs. We didn't see any other store carrying them. So, one tiny glass pug made its way home with us. Yay! :)

From Murano, we hop on to Burano, a place that's famous for its lace work. I was more excited over the colorful houses though. I was like a kid in a candy store. As you know, I love, love, loooveee colors.

The colorful Burano

Arent' these houses look so cute and fun? I think it's the location, too. Because, I think if I seen this at other place, I wouldn't have think of them as cute. Sigh... it must be Italy. The atmosphere just make it beautiful. ;)

Well, peeps, that's a pretty long post. I hope you enjoy the post and the pics. The 3rd installment would be all about our favorite place, Cinque Terre. I am looking forward to sharing the place with you. Stay tune and thank you for visiting. Cheers..


Miriam Prantner said...

Gorgeous photos! That glass sculpture is amazing and of course I love the card!

Shelly said...

Such a cute card! And AMAZING photos! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jennifer Jackson said...

Wow! More amazing photos. I love the colored houses! So cool that you found a glass pug too! What a perfect souvenir!


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