Friday, August 14, 2015

MFT Summer School Color Temperatures

Oh goodness... It's Friday!! Yay! Gotta love Friday, right? Today, we're discussing color temperatures for our last day of MFT summer school. 

Color temperatures has been described most simple as a method of describing the color characteristics of light, usually warm, which is consist of color in yellowish, reddish hue or cool, which consist of color in bluish, greenish hue.

I, personally, tend to be drawn to cool tone. Whether, I was browsing Pinterest or shopping for clothes, blue, green colors tend to catch my eyes first. Hubby would testify to this, considering how many blue shirts I got him. Hah! Blue &green compliment his blue eyes perfectly. That's my excuse.

So, needless to say, for this class, I also choose to do cool temp card. I mean, just look at this bird. How refreshing these colors look together?

In person, this bird is very shiny as I cover it with clear glaze. I love the shiny, glossy look. Now, don't forget to check out MFT Blog for more fun inspiration from the MFT team. Join us and create project using the tips & techniques you learn from the classes and  you could win GC for a shopping spree to MFT store. Happy Friday!!

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