Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Recap

Hi peeps! How's your Christmas? I hope you had a great and joyful Christmas with your loved ones.

Honestly, I was a bit moody myself as I always feel homesick during Christmas. I am  thankful for my hubby and the doggies, but I can't help missing my family in Indonesia. Christmas is always such a special time for our family.

We are a very closed family and we truly loved being together. And, this year, I think it's harder for me, because I want to be with my mom so badly. I know my mom is super sad that she couldn't have her one and only grandkid to be there with our family for Christmas and I just want to be there for my mom to help cheer her up. 

I love being with hubby of course, but  my dream Christmas would be to celebrate it with hubby and my family together. One of this day, we'd have to make a Christmas trip to Indonesia.We just have to. It's on my bucket list.

Oh yeah, to top it off, I slipped off the stairs and landed on my bottom on the darn tile floor! I was so mad at  myself for being clumsy. I think what saved me was I was holding a glass bottle of essential oil when I came down the stairs. My 1st thought as I flew down the stairs was I better not  break this little bottle because I don't want to injure my dogs with tiny glass pieces everywhere, so I was keeping my hands up and that most likely made me fell backward instead of forward. I'd rather landed on my bottom than my head to the tile floor. 

So, yeah, after the family dinner with hubby's family was over, I am completely in pjs all weekend long mood. Am thankful that I didn't break my tail bone. Otherwise, I'd probably just started crying and hole up in my room all weekend long.

Anyway, hubby did cheer me up with a bunch of Pug related present. :) And, the doggies, they never failed to cheer me up with their love & affection.

Now, since I was in pjs state of mind, that also means a lot of time in the craft room. And, just for fun, I made this card using MFT Sweet Safari set. My nephew Conor has a birthday coming up, so I do need a cute birthday card for him.

Well peeps, there's my rambling for today. Time to go back to the craft table and craft my heart out. I have quite a few January releases coming up, so I better get busy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Teresa Doyle said...

Your card is so cute Vera. Happy New Year

Sherisse Ang said...

I would love prize pack 1. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity, Vera!

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