Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You're A Cute-a-saurus

Hi peeps! I am popping in to share a fun card I made for SugarPea Designs. This time, I am using the sweet dinosaur from Prehistoric Pals stamp set along with  Woodgrain Journal CardPrehistoric Pals dies.

Sometime, I do get stuck to where I feel I need to color certain thing in certain colors. I have to remind myself that sometime it's okay to color outside the line, it's okay to use colors that one not normally used to color certain critter. In this case, the dinosaur. For the longest time, I keep thinking I can only color it in green.

But, you know what, that's the beauty of art. Of card making. Or creating in general. You could color things whichever way you want. It's all about having fun. Yellow dino, why not, right? Well, that's my deep thinking for today. LOL. Be color happy, even if it goes against what normal.

Want some more fun eye candy? Check out SugarPea Designs blog. Cheers!!

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