Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pugs & Kisses

For those of you that have known me for quite a while, you know how much I loveeee pugs. At least once a week, I have someone tag me either on FB, Instagram or pm me pug related stuff. I guess, it's safe to say I am the crazy awesome pug lady. :)

Needless to say, when Sweet Stamp Shop coming out with their pug set, I have at least 3 friends who tagged me. And, yep, I ordered the set within the first hour it's available in the store. I rarely ever say no to cute pug stuff. Hah!

So, here you go....

And, that cutie pug figurine is just one of the few pug collectible that I have. Haha... Not obsessed at all, right?

When I finally could have my own dog, I always know I want to have a pug. I honestly don't remember of even seeing a real pug in person growing up, I just know I will have a pug. Before I got one, I  bought a couple pug books & learned everything I could about it as I want to make sure I'd be a good pug mom. For me, dogs are for life, so I want to make sure I understand what it takes to have a pug.

Ollie was my 1st pug. Followed by Milo, Eli and Clyde. They're my heart. Clyde is my foster failure. After being his foster mom for a month, I just couldn't give him up. Pugs are a full of characters. They're funny, spunky, bossy, yes often lots of work, and they shed like crazy. Most importantly they're full of love.

Once you go pug, you can't go back. Hah!! All I can say, I am so happy with this set and will definitely be playing with this set more. That's all from me today. Cheers...

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