Thursday, December 14, 2017

Caring Hearts Notes

Hi everyone. I just want to share a couple thank you note that our volunteers have received in the mail for Caring Hearts cards. Your cards truly brighten someone's day. <3

Another one also included this note that just made my day. From one of the girl that helped hand delivered these cards to the nursing home, Lisa Jelenic wrote this on my FB wall: 

"Hi Vera, just wanted to share a thank you card with you and all the ladies I received in the mail today. I gave your letter with your address to all three nursing homes. My son came along to carry the boxes for me. Before we left I explained the reason why we were doing this. After we were all finished he said mom this is a really nice thing you did. I said it’s a nice thing we did! I said we’re an extremely small piece of the puzzle, you have no idea how many people made this possible. I also showed him pictures of your dining room, the ladies packing all the boxes and explained that all those cards came from a few different countries. I can tell he was taking it all in, lol. He said mom we should do this every year, I said yes we will. "

I love that Lisa's little boy enjoy the activity of giving & want to do it again. How wonderful it is to have Caring Hearts as part of someone's family Christmas tradition. I know a few people who made this an annual event with their kids and that brings me joy.

Thank you all for caring & for sharing your craftiness. Much love to you all.



Sonja said...

Melts my heart!!!! Glad to know they were appreciated!💌💟

Bunny said...

That is really sweet. [Bunny]

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