Friday, November 22, 2019

Caring Hearts Card Drive Update

Hi all. I just want to give you all some update on Caring Hearts Card Drive. Since it is our 10th one, I want to also give a glimpse of behind the scene.

To start with, at first the number of cards that coming in was super low. I mean like only 1/10 of what we received last year. My team and I started to panic a bit because we only have like 2 weeks left and we have a lot of nursing homes on our list that we'd like to cover. Then several dear friends step in and share the card drive post on their blog and all over social media. Suddenly I got lots of email with question about the card drive. So, I decided to extend the due date to allow more time for people to send in their cards.

And, people, low & behold you all really step up!! During the last 2 weeks of the card drive you send in your cards and each day I could receive 40 to 70 packages. Some people even send two packages when they heard we're low.

My team of volunteers also confirmed that the amount of package they received went up. So, thankfully we're able to cover all the nursing homes on our list and more!! We actually ended up with more cards and able to add even more nursing homes on our list. I have people calling left and right to find more nursing homes.

Since most of the packages were received on the past 2 weeks before the card drive end, needless to say this past 2 weeks been crazy, especially on my end as I received the majority of the packages. Every day as soon as I come home from work, I unpack and sort through all the cards, making sure they're signed, fixed any loose embellishment and stuff them in the envelope. I've been repeating this cycle every day for 2 straight weeks that I think hubby and my fur babies feel a bit neglected.

Right after the card drive end, my awesome girlfriends come over and helped me stuffed more envelopes and pack some boxes. I couldn't do this on this scale without them. 

In case you're wondering why I pile the cards in groups like pictured above, it's because when we pack the cards for each nursing home, I like to make sure each place get good mix of cards. Part of the fun is checking out where their cards come from. Each pile is from different card makers, so when we pack, we go around the table picking up card from each pile and repeat the process. To some, it may not matter that the cards all come from the same person, but I personally feel it's more fun when they're from all different people, different place.

I am working as fast as I can. I know many will want to know about the prizes. I am hoping to finish everything by this weekend. I will announce the prize winners here on Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

Today I am shipping out about 40 packages and will ship the rest by this coming Monday. Hubby was my strong man to carry all these boxes from our 2nd floor dining room to 1st floor. This is maybe about 1/5 of all the packages we shipped as each of my team also have quite a bit to mail out. Even with all these boxes out, my dining table still full. I am not done.

LOL, every year I told hubby it's going to be my last year doing it, because it is tiring and can be overwhelming especially when there's also a lot of stuff going on in my personal life. Then by mid of the following year I forgot about all of it and decided to do it again. Hah! It does bring me joy when I know it brighten someone's day. The world need more kindness and this is our own little way to do so.

I want to thank all of you who send in your cards. I really appreciate all your support for our card drive. I am humbled by your generosity and honored that you're sharing your talent & creation for strangers that you never met. For me this is the true meaning of Christmas, when you do kind things for strangers with no expectation. Just sharing the love. <3


Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

I am so happy to hear that you received more than enough cards this year! I was a little late getting started this year, so I wasn't able to send as many cards as I wanted. Next year I'll start earlier...if you do it again. :) Thank YOU for hosting this card drive, and for all the work you, and your friends, do to sort the cards and send them to nursing homes. I like how you separate cards so each nursing home gets lots of different styles and designs. :)

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KT Fit Kitty said...

I am so happy that you got enough cards and more! I am very grateful that you continue the card drive as I send my cards every year in honour of my late mother-in-law who passed away in a nursing home. She loved Christmas, and I enjoy knowing that my cards are bringing joy to many people in nursing homes across Canada. Thank you for all the hard work you do to spread kindness and joy! I really enjoyed reading your update and seeing the photos! Amazing work! Thank you!

creatingincolors said...

What a wonderful update! I’m thrilled to hear you got enough cards (and more)! You are going to make a lot of people smile. I’ve seen first-hand how surprise cards can brighten the day of residents in nursing and assisted living homes. I loved seeing your photos, and how efficiently you receive, sort, and ship out packages. Love how you make the piles by cardmaker, which ensures each shipment gets cards from different states, and that “multiples” made by a particular cardmaker each go to a different location. Wish I lived closer so I could help you. A sincere thank you to you, your helpers, and your hubby, for the tremendous effort you put into this card drive - a rewarding experience for both those who receive, and those who give.

Sheri said...

My boxes will arrive on Monday! It was interesting to see how you organize and pack them. I always try to glance at them to see where they come from also. That is the fun part! Thank you for always doing this. My people love them so much and now look forward to them.

Daria Z. said...

Wonderful news that you received more than enough cards! Thank you (and your helpers) for doing this awesome card drive.

Shelly said...

I'm so happy to hear you received more than plenty of cards! Normally I always try to send some in and this time a round, I just couldn't get my act together. I sincerely apologize for that. I'm always for making someone smile, so I know exactly how you feel about doing this. You are AMAZING and so is your team! No doubt, there has to be A LOT that goes into these drives...THANK YOU to YOU and everyone involved!! Hugs <3

Sandy said...

Wow, this really gives us a sense of all the work involved in this project. You are amazing!. Thanks for doing this.

Cindy C. said...

Thank you for your kindness!

Gab said...

Oh wow! I'm so so happy and amazed that you do this! this year was my first time taking part, but I'll definitely be doing it again . Loved seeing those pics of all the cards!!!

Chark said...

Crazy!! I love the process of getting different cards to send in the boxes. A big THANK YOU to you, your hubby, and the friends who make this happen!! And for letting us be a part of it!

Mary Kay Werry said...

Thank you, thank you so much for doing this. It is an amazing work of love.

Penny Klie said...

Thank you, all your helpers and your hubby for your 'caring hearts' that make this possible... many hearts will be blessed by your efforts. Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

this is amazing! what hard work by you, your family and friends! I LOVE participating each year.

Violet said...

Thank you for all that you do. Sharing kindness is so important and I am so pleased that you give us that opportunity. I bring the cards into work with me & have coworkers sign them and they really enjoy it. Separating the cards & sending a nice assortment from all ever is a brilliant idea. Wish I were closer to you so I could help. I look forward to this every year!
Happy holidays to you and your family!

sentsue said...

Amazing! Thanks for all your work on this.

Patty said... are a super hero! Thanks to your hubby for helping out!

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