Tuesday, December 10, 2019

SugarPea Designs Sweet Peek Day 2

Hi all!! Squeallll..... Today is the day that I finally able to share my excitement over my love of pugs. I have a set that I originally did as a painting made into a stamp set!!

Over a year ago, I attended a watercolor class where we're supposed to do a Corgi. But, as many of you know, I am super partial to Pug. So, while everyone else doing Corgi, I created my own Pug. I was very happy with the way my Pug turned out that I draw it again at home and sent it to Wendy and asked the possibility of turning it into a stamp. And, she graciously did!!

Below is my original painting.

I was so in love with Pugs, that I keep painting them in different way. This one below I made it with rainbow balloons. This one I made it on 8.5 x 11 size cardstock & its on display in my craft room & the inspiration for my card.

For my card, I started by die-cutting the panel using Card Front Element Builder & stencil the background using the new brick stencil (more on this on Thursday). Stamped, colored & fussy cut the pug as I want to change the tilt of the Pug. And since the work space is smaller then my original display, I only did 3 balloons. :)

This totally made me think of my Pug, Milo whom I lost back in December 2004. He had a long tongue that always sticking out. I love that boy so much, my heart still hurt when I think of him. He'll forever have a special spot in my heart.

I also covered the balloons with glossy accent and add sentiment to finish the card.

Make sure you stop by SugarPea blog to enter the giveaway and also leave a comment here and on the team's blogs for additional chance. Thank you for allowing me to share my excitement and I hope you love this set. Thank you so much for stopping by here. Have a lovely day!

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