Monday, July 19, 2010

What?? Hmm yeah...

Hm... my brain still not fully functioning today. See my title? Yeah, that's how I felt all day yesterday and even this morning. I was down with allergy yesterday, and boy I think it was one of the worst I ever experience. Feel like my nose and cheek were swollen and throbbing with pressure. Pretty much spent the whole day in a daze.

I checked my emails, etc., but today I have to re-read all of them. None of what I read yesterday registered on my mind at all. You said something to me yesterday? Hmm.. yeah, can you repeat it again today? It was like puff... the magic dragon took all my memories. Today, I feel much better. Still a bit groggy, but better. :)

I started this card on Friday night for Cherie Reve for MyGrafico. I didn't finish it till Sunday as Saturday I was busy all day long and Sunday, with my head up in the sinus cloud, finishing this was the only thing I accomplished. 

You can get this cute girl surrounded by all these balloons here. I added the crystal glaze on all  the balloons so it has nice shiny finish to it.

That's all for today. I still have tons of works to do. Hoping for a very productive week this week. Hugs to you all, Vera.


Tazza said...

Super cute card! LOL I feel for ya! Hope those allergies go away soon.

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet card, Vera. I hope your allergy trouble will be far behind you today and that you get a lot done.
bless you,

Kathy Wade (krolski) said...

Such a cute card! I sure hope you get to feeling better!

Tenia Nelson said...

Super cute!!!

jo said...

So cute, Vera! :) Love it!


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