Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down with allergy

Ugh... today's no fun for me. I've been sneezing all day long. Took Claritin already, let's hope it works soon.

This weekend I get to catch up with my friend, Lori. So, wishing she lives close by. I don't see Lori that often, cause we live in different city, now in different states. Yet, despite the distance we're able to maintain our friendship and yes, she's been with me through all the up and down of my life this past few years. I know she's just a phone call away. She and her husband, are just amazing people and I love them both! And she has a rockin' daughter, Sarah, who's kind, fun, and talented! Hi Sarah!!! Sorry that I didn't get to see you! :)

Anyhoo... we went to CKC Houston yesterday and we were bummed, beause there wasn't that many vendors and not many have current scrapbook stuff. A couple vendors were actually pretty rude, that I ended up just walked away eventhough I was interested on their stuff. If you want to sell your stuff,  you need to be nice to your customers in my opinion. We didn't do much shopping at all. We did volunteer at the CK booth and hmm... warning when you volunteer for the last hours, it turned out that it involved lots of labor! I felt so bad for Lori cause she drove all  the way from Baton Rouge, been up since 5am, and now had to do some labor works. We didn't know this when we signed up.

We still had fun, cause that's the type of person, Lori is. She'll make the best of every situation. CK did take care of their volunteers, though. Annette who works for CK is super sweet and even gave us extra goodies for our hard work. But we were whooped. Came home all tired and hubby made dinner for us. We chatted, catch up on family stuff, etc., that we both kind of lost our voice by the time we're done. Yes, so wishing she lives close by. Then I'd have my scrapbooking gal and hubby would have his fishing buddy.

So, that's what happen on my  neck of the wood. What happen in yours? :)

How about a card? Made this using Lawn Fawn stamps. I've been using their stamp a lot lately, haven't I? Just love their cute style. I'm entering this card for Jenny's Wee Memories Summer Fun challenge.

I was kind of bored when I made this card and just playing with my scraps and ended up with this color combo. What you think of this color combo? OK, that's it for today. Can't think. Nose running, eyes itchy... ugh... yeah that scrapbook page that I suppose to work on and that tutorial... hm... no progress, yet. So sorry peeps. Hugs, Vera.


Jessica Wekenman said...

Wonderful card! The colors worked out great together! Those stamped images are too sweet and cute! I just pulled out some papers to start a card, and I may just have to use your 'sketch'!
I'm so glad you got to visit with your friend! A good friend is precious and rare! Too bad she isn't closer, but at least she's close enough to make the occasional drive, and like you said, just a phone call away! How long is the drive? Does she make cards or craft, too? I never seem to never have friends that are crafty! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Barb said...

This card is so cute, Vera! Love that little puppy! And the tire swing is adorable!

Tazza said...

Love the card Vera, Glad to know you had some fun with your friend even with all the hard work & allergies!

JoAnn V. ( said...

Feel better soon! Your card is so adorable!

Kim Wilson said...

Love this Vera! Lawn fawn is awesome :)

Jenny said...

This is so cute, thanks for playing Vera! :) New challenge was posted yesterday :) Hope you can play again!! Hugs :) :) :)


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