Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday weekend...

Yep, tomorrow I'll be celebrating my birthday. So, this whole weeked is my birthday weekend. Why just celebrate on the day when you can celebrate the whole weekend?? :) Friday afternoon, my coworkers surprised me with cute cupcake cake. The whole cake made of a bunch of little cupcakes with colorfull daisy on top. Really thought that they forgot and just going to ignore my birthday. It was a super busy week after all. So, I was delightful and grateful that they actually remember. My boss was even let me and hubby go home early that day.

I love birthdays, but at the same time usually my birthday is the time I feel slightly sad, too. I am the only one in my family that live far away. Both my brothers and my mom lives in another country, so needless to say at my birthday I always miss them terribly. I am grateful that I have a loving husband and thoughtful friends, just wish that my mom and my brothers could be here with me.

Sorry for the melancholy mood. Always happen at every birthday since I moved to the States. Well, time to cheer up, right. Nothing cheer me up like Baskin Robbins cappucino blast or a good tiramisu. So, this afternoon I am gonna get myself a big cappucino blast and tiramisu for dessert tonight. :)

Oh yeah, beside sweets, I love cards. All card maker love cards, right? I get this love of card from my mom. Growing up she always have card handy for all occasions. And I grew up treasuring those cards that my mom gave me cause she always put some inspiring and loving notes in each of those cards. Even my hubby learns quick, that he could forget gifts, but never forget to at least get a good card. :)

Well, to all card lovers out there, here's some cutie cards for ya. That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend and wear lots of sunscreen, cause here in TX it's a 100 degree!!!


Jana said...

Happy Birthday to you.

Your cards are really pretty. See you around.

Sheri said...

First and most importantly ....HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERA!!!! I truly hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Your cards are just adorable..{{{HUGS}}}

Candy said...

Hi Vera,
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Sorry for your sadness - happy you have your husband and your card making.
Love all of your cards - they are all lovely!
Your Kettos are marvelous. I fell in love with them also.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Hugs, Candy

Vera Yates (Ling) said...

Thank you all for the sweet bday wishes. I am glad you like my cards. :)

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