Saturday, June 27, 2009

The birthday girl...

Today, I am the birthday girl. Sooo wishing to have my family here. Miss you guys so much. Talked to my mom this morning and she gave me the best birthday present. She'll be here for Christmas. Woohooo... Happy dance!! :)

Agenda for the rest of the day? Heading out for dimsum, some shopping at Michael's (papers on sale, can't pass that now, can't we??), then head to Joy's home for a lowkey birthday party. Joy is one of my dearest friend and she is the sweetest, most thoughtful person I know and she's throwing me a birthday party. Love ya, Joy! She has this contagious loud laugh that you can't help but laugh, too when you heard her laugh. I am sure you'll hear more stories of Joy down the road.

Back to bday babbling, yesterday, hubby spoiled me by getting me a big cappucino blast from Baskin Robbins, flower bouquet that he said was my present from the doggies (including a card from them, hehe...), and a nice dinner at Italian restaurant where he got me my tiramisu. Gotta love a thoughtful husband! Thanks, honey.

Anyhoo, for today, instead of cards, I'll share my family page. I'm so blessed to have a loving family and want to thank them for all their loving supports. So, today's post dedicated to them, especially to my mom. Love you, Mom!!

Well, off to celebrate and you all have a great Sunday.


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