Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Becoming a US Citizen

Yep... it's official, today I become a US citizen along with 1398 other people from 104 countries. It's amazing to think we all from so many different countries and today we all become one as US citizen. It was a memorable experience.

My mom congratulated me and reminded me not to forget my birth country or language. I did get teary eyes when I read that. I love where I came from. I am proud of  the rich cultures that Indonesia offers. I appreciate my upbringing there. Being raised in Indonesia and moved here to the US as adult, make me able to appreciate the goodness from both sides of the world. Like what the speaker said the traditions and cultures that we learned at our birth country will always stay with us eventhough we change citizenship. We will honor that tradition and at the same time we welcome the new tradition of our new country. I'd want our children to learn and to honor both the Indonesian and the American traditions.

What a big day. :) So many emotions. With that note, I want to thank everybody who has stopped by here to check my blog. I'll pick up a winner for my cards tomorrow morning. Happy humpday!!



Nancy said...

Congratulations on your new US citizenship!

Lin said...

So pleased for your joyful day, Vera! Congratulations, and I'm so glad that you've become a US citizen!

Moccavanila by Vera Rhuhay said...

Congratulations on your new US citizenship,Vera!

TexInTheCity said...

Whoo to the citizenship hooo! Vera, welcome to jury duty and voting!

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