Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winner of cards giveaway...

I compiled all the names and had my husband picked from the basket. The lucky winner is.... drumroll.... (I'm such a nerd)... is NANCY!!! Congratulations, Nancy!

Nancy, please email me your address. You can email me at: . I will mail you the cards as soon as I receive your information. :)

Thank you all for participating and am looking forward to do another giveaway in near future. BTW, I've been playing with more glitters and I found out if you color (the back of the stamped image) the acetate first with the same color ofyour glitters, then put the glossy accent, then the glitters, you'll get a deeper color. It might not look much when you first color the acetate (I just used my ZIG pens), but you'll see the difference when you're finish putting the glitters.

I will update today's blog later this evening as I haven't get a chance to take picture yet, to show you what I am talking about. So, come back again later this evening, will you. Hugs to everyone. :)

UPDATE: So, sorry, last night I couldn't find the camera. I took this pic early this morning before heading to work. You could see the penguin on the left has darker color, cause I colored the penguins before I added the glitters. TFL .:)



TexInTheCity said...

I DEMAND A RECOUNT! Oh wait, I didn't enter! Damnit! Next time! LOL!

Nancy said...

I'm so excited to win your beautiful cards. I'll respond to your email with my info. Thank you so much!!

Andrea6760 said...

Those penguins are so cute!! Both of them are adorable in their own way. Great job!

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