Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just rambling away

Woohooo... go Saints!! I have no clue about football, but I do root for the Saints. Supporting the neighbor the way I see it. :) LOL. I tend to root for the underdog. And what a sweet surprise that they won!!

Meanwhile, while hubby watching football, I've been busy playing. And, a shot out to my dear hubby for being super sweet. Yesterday, we wanted to take my mom to the Woodlands area and it's about an hour away from our home. Hubby made an offer that if I drive, he'll cut my printed butterflies for me, because I was going to do that while he's driving. I took his offer!! Now, courtesy of my sweet, sweet hubby, I have an envelope full of butterflies. :)

Back to playing, I came up with a couple cards. I've been using my Silhouette a whole lot more lately. One of my favorite is the "Hollyhock silhouette". Just love the way they look. I used white cardstock and then color them with copics, that way I can always play with what colors I want to do.

I love the color combination on this one. We had such a gloomy weather here lately (with the exception of yesterday) that I feel like I need some cheerful color. And this card does it for me. What do you think? And here's the other card.

The round circle kind of act as a button. When you press the card close, the circle with the butterfly popped up a bit higher than the card. Just enough for a little oomph! :) I am not sure why, but lately I jut been in the mood to keep making cards. I supposed to do more scrapbook, as that's one of my goal this year, but with cards it feels like instant gratification, since I can do it faster than scrapbook. I am a slow scrapbooker. Heh...

Talking about scrapbook, I have another sweet surprise that just made my day. I only subscribe to 1 scrapbook magazine, which is Scrapbooks, Etc., and Erin Terrell Clarkson has been one of my favorite scrapbooker since I saw her early work on there. And guess what... she sent me an email responding to my comment about how I appreciate it that she loves Bali. Bali is one of my favorite place. It's a small island in Indonesia where the people are friendly, they have gorgeous beach, etc. Anyhoo...., I am just super delighted at how sweet Erin is for taking the time to email me and that she thinks my cards are cute. Her email truly made my day.

Well, I only going to have my mom here for 2 more weeks. I could sooo already feel myself being moody and sad at the thought of her going back to Indonesia. I am always emotional when it's close to time to say goodbye again. I wish my mom live close to me. And my brothers. I love living in the States, but I do miss my family a lot. Well, enough rambling, I better enjoy my time with her. Going to hang out with mom. Hugs everyone, Vera


Lin said...

Vera I adore these cards with the hollyhocks! Especially your design with the popped butterfly! Just so beautiful! Hollyhocks make me remember my grandfather, so they are special to me. Thanks for these!

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

Hey Vera! Thanks once again for entering the Olympics of Stamping in the Moxie Fab World! You have been very busy! You go girl! :)

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