Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby card

I have 3 people in my life that's going to have babies within months of each other. My best friend, Deb is expecting to deliver her baby girl, by next week, then the owner of my company, and my boss are expecting theirs in spring. I am excited for my girlfriend. Deb is the tomboy one in my circle of friend and she certainly surprised me by being the first one to have a baby. I can't wait to be an aunt!!

I don't get to make baby cards that often. So, this moment right now kind of fun, cause I get to do super cutesy stuff. Although, my friends would argue that I do cutesy all the time. Hah... Yeah, cutesy and me usually go in one sentence. LOL... ;)

Well, I made this quick card last night for my boss' baby shower. This is kind of hybrid card, I guess. I got the giraffe from Designers Digital. Mindy Terawasa safari set. Love Mindy's stuff. I just printed the giraffe twice, cut around one of the giraffe and layer it with pop dot for a little dimension. Put glitters on the hair, then once the glitter dry, I cut the hairs for extra texture.

As for baby for me and my husband, we're still  trying. We are open for adoption, but at this moment, we are still giving it a try. We're still newly wed, too (going to celebrate our 2 years anniversary next month), so we want to take our time on being couple before having kids. But, I am going to see doctor and see what we need to do. Cross your fingers people, that hopefully everything will work out and one of this day, we'll have our own little bundle of joy. That's all the post for today. Happy hump day!!! :)

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