Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had my Silhouette machine for almost a year now and at the beginning I rarely used it. Not sure why. Just feel like it too much trouble to learn or what. Anyhoo, as they came up with more and more cool designs, I find myself using it a lot more in this past couple months.

Is your Silhouette loud? Mine is. Not sure whether that's the way it supposed to sound or what. It's refurbished and I got it at half price and as long as it works, I am  okay with it. For now. :) But, boy when it cuts it is so loud, that I usually just crammed as much design as I can in 1 piece of paper and then just leave the room and let it do its magic.

As you can see I love the birds. They have the cutest bird. And I love the tree branches and the hollyhocks, etc. I learned that if you double layer and let it go through the cut twice it will have a cleaner cut. It is a bit annoying to wait that long (I am very impatient sometimes :)), but hey it's so worth it. Especially for those delicate cut, patience is important. Here's my card using the bird and heart branches. 

On personal note, last night, I had a very nice visit with my girlfriend, Deb and her boyfriend George. My mom cooked us a super delicious dinner and they brought over chocolate covered strawberry and cheesecake. Yummy.... And my little Deb (I am like 5' even and she may be an inch taller than me), she looks like she's ready to pop anytime now. I am excited for her and I am soon going to be an aunt! Counting the days for me to meet my new niece. Okay, enough rambling, time to get back to work. You all have a great day and have fun watching the Olympic!

Hugs, Vera

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Jackie said...

It is horribly loud and screechy. I thought mine was broken and asked Nichol Magouirk, because she has one and uses it a lot. She assured me the wounded-moose noise was perfectly normal. I don't use mine as much as I should either, there's a certain amount of planning involved in cutting things out with it as opposed to punches or Nestabilities. Not my strong suit (suite?).

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