Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mojo Monday 124

I posted my doodle bird a couple days ago and I have to say the ladies on  the Hero Arts flickr group are the nicest. They left nice comments and give me such encouragement, that I was inspired to keep exploring my doodling.

My close friend, Deb, was asking me why I didn't use my own design before. And I thought about it, I guess the answer is because I thought my drawing is too kiddie like and too cutesy. I am not sure that people will like it. But, with my previous card here, I really fall in love with this bird. And yes, it's cutesy. I showed it to my husband and my mom and they both loved it (my mom pretty straight forward, she will says it's ugly if she thinks so, that's why I trust her opinion, my husband.. hehe... he loves everything I make, so his opinion is a bit questionable... Love ya, honey!), so I am like hey if they thought it's adorable, who knows, it might make someone else smile, too.

I always love doodling and usually my best doodling are the ones I made on napkin, scribble papers, or paper tableccloth at a restaurant. You know,  things that you usually throw away. :) But, my goal for this year is to keep trying and better myself in doodling. If I can make someone else smile with it, then I am happy.

Here, I used my doodle bird  to make card for Mojo Monday challenge.

This card below, just another result of my doodling. I call this my peanut birds, because the body shape reminds me of peanuts. It can be used for couple or for friendship card. So far,  this is my favorite. They both just look so sweet. Please be honest and let me know what you  think of my doodling. Do you like it, not so, please let me know. Thank you all for your suggestion. Hugs, Vera


Nancy said...

I have never doodled anything that cute, ever. How wonderful are those adorable little birds...thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent!

Milnie said...

wow! this birdies are awesome! love your creations and doodling!

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