Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paper Trey Ink

Paper Trey Ink is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with 14 daily give away. I just recently get into  PTI stamps and I love them! I want to have all their stamp. For their 2nd day giveaway the PTI designers each create a free download and we get to make card using those image. Let me tell you, they have some yummy goodness there.

For my card, I used Becky Oehlers image. Love her design. It's clean looking and you can make cards in a snap with it. Here's my take using Becky's design.

You know, I have entered so many challenges this past year and haven't really win anything. But, I was watching my pug, Ollie and I was so inspired by her. I have 2 dogs, Ollie the pug and Nick the sheltie. Every time, after Ollie finished her bowl, she would run to check Nick's bowl to see if there's anything left. And Nick 99% of the time lick his bowl clean just  like Ollie. But, every day Ollie keep checking, just in case that day would be the day Nick didn't finish his bowl.

As I watch this, I look at my husband and told him, do you realized there's so many things you can learn from our dog? Just now, I learned from Ollie to never give up. Just because you don't succeed the day before, keep doing it, keep trying. And that's what I am doing now. To keep on trying. You won't know unless you try. I get as much joy from making the cards even when I don't win. And the day I do win, I am going to jump up and down and twirl around, just like my pug does, when she's happy!

That's my lesson for the day that I learned from my pug. I am hoping this year, I can regularly posted the wisdom I learned from my doggies. :)  Thank you all for looking. By the way, I was late to enter the PTI giveaway for the 2nd day. Oh well... Keep on trying. :) Hugs, Vera

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