Monday, February 1, 2010

My very own birdie...

Super excited, today. I was just doodling around and ended up with this cute birdie on a tree branch. Okay, granted my drawing is simple and kiddie like, but I thought it still come out pretty decent and cute. :) I made a quick card with it and here it is, my very own doddling birdie on my card.

This card is perfect for Karen's Sweet Sunday Challenge. I actually made 2 cards for her challenge. I actually made the other card first, but want to show my cute birdie. My mom called it the egg birdie because of it shape. Haha..

Well, there you have it folks, you never know what you get when you're doodling around.  I love doodling and sometime I come up with the cutest stuff, but when I try to redraw it again I just couldn't make it quite as good as when I first did it. But, this one is doable, despite the shaky line. :)

If you stop by, let me know what you think. Thank you for taking the time for checking my rambling here. Love ya, Vera


Dwita said...

Very cute, Vera. I love all color combo here...

Lea L. said...

That birdie image is so cute!! Love it! Great job with the sketch!



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