Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time together

After 3 wonderful months of being with my mom, it's time to say till we meet again. She is going back tomorrow and I already start crying and she hasn't even left. :) I am always in such emotional mess whenever my mom has to leave. I guess, it'll be different if she only lives in different state instead of different country, which as far as can be, on the other side of the world. Where we never know when we get to see each other again. Could be a year, could be 2 or even 3.

I miss not being there with her on day to day basis, you know. To only catching up by phone or email. I feel like I am missing out. Granted, I choose to be in the States, but boy... how much I wish for my family to be close by. Every birthday, every celebration, I miss them like crazy. I love my mom and my brothers and we are close with each other.

Oh gosh, I probably sound like a whiny baby right now. My mom even try to  threatened me  that if I cry she wouldn't come anymore. Hah... like she's not crying. Sometime, I do envy my friends who could just drop by their parents place anytime they want or those who could go shopping together with their mom anytime. Or when I make cards, I wish I could just show it to her.

Well, I ordered some PaperTrey Ink stamps to cheer me up. Hoping it will get here on time. My husband was like yes honey, just ordered whatever stamps you want. He hates seeing me crying. So, hopefully, this weekend I can manage to stop crying and bury myself in card making. Meanwhile, thank you for letting me venting off my sadness.

Mom, hope you have a safe trip and thank you for making the trip. I love you so much! Love, Ling

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Nancy said...

Hi Vera, I'm so happy you had a wonderful time with your mom and you have every right to feel emotional now that the visit is don't sound whiny at all. Hopefully those PTI stamps will arrive soon so you can keep busy creating your beautiful card magic!

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