Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's my mojo?

Time to adjust. It just me, hubby, and the doggies again. This past 3 months had been really nice to have my mom here spoiling me rotten. LOL. She's such a good cook and  it sure was awesome to have homemade meals waiting for us whenever we come home from work. Gosh, even our doggies got spoiled by my mom. They actually got to sleep on the bed with her. :)

I was sad and a bit depressed on Friday after taking her to the airport. Have to say that being away from my family is a constant struggle for me. As much as I love living in the States, I miss my family all the time. I so cherished my time with my mom. I was able to spoiled her and we have some very memorable memories. Including her being silly with my husband. She's actually the one who told me to chill out when my husband wants to act silly and she even joined him for the sillyness.  Yep, my hubby get along with his MIL just fine. I sometime wonder what kind of trouble these 2 can get into when I am not around. :)

I did feel like I lost my mojo a little bit when she left. I just want to curl up on the sofa and do nothing. I did that Friday night. Saturday, still not feeling it. My PTI stamps still hasn't arrive. More depressed (isn't it amazing what stamps can do to you??? Just kidding...). Anyhow, come Sunday, hubby told me to get myself a massage to make me feel better. I sooo love him for that! :)

I feel better and forced myself to make cards, mojo or no mojo. Here's the 1st card. Was playing with my ribbon stash and even tried out stamping on a ribbon technique. This card going in for Lucy's dots challenge. Recognize the birdie? Yep, that's my sketch of the egg birdie.

Start to feel the mojo coming back. Feeling the mojo tickling me, I continue to mess around and made this card:

I don't usually do the masking technique as I think it's too much hassle. But, I messed up the finished image of this flower stamp, and I couldn't just throw it away. So I decided to cut it up and use it as a mask.  I stamped the flower on a clean cardstock and then layer the mask and stamped the old handwriting stamped with SU Mellow Moss ink.  Then color the flowers with copic and prismacolor markers. Once I done with coloring, I used chalk to create the soft colors for the background. Layer the cardstock with blue paper and green cardstock. Stamped the greeting and add gemstone to center of flowers and covered the leaves andpart of the flowers with diamond stickles. And voila... you're done.

OK, that's my long post for today. What inspired you when you lost your mojo? How do you get it back? Please share and leave comments whenyou stop by here. I love reading all your comments. Cheers and enjoy th rest of your Sunday eve. Hugs, Vera

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Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

Hey Vera! Thanks once again for entering the Olympics of Stamping in the Moxie Fab World! :)

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