Friday, November 19, 2010

Caring Hearts Prize Winner List!!

As I sorted through and packaged all the cards that I received for Caring Hearts Card Drive, I feel so blessed to have met you all my card making/blogging friend who's been so generous in your support. In 6 short weeks, we have collected 773 cards! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

I am so very grateful that so many of you cheering on this card drive along the way. I feel all warm & tingly just thinking of the reaction of the people who will receive your fabulous creations. And, I do have some extra cards since we receive so many Christmas cards. No worry, all cards will go to good cause. My mom volunteered at an austism education center in Jakarta and I hope you don't mind that I will be sharing some of the extra cards with the kids over there (I'm going home to Indonesia in December) as well.

Okay, I know you wants to know who win the prizes. I've been keeping a list of all the participants & supporter for Caring Hearts Card Drive. It's 5 pages long, with each page containing 3 columns of names. And, some people requested not to be counted for prizes. You girls know who you are and I hope you know I appreciate you! :) 

First, I hope you know how I wish everyone can win. Although, I do think everyone win something by participating simply by knowing that your random act of kindness brighten someone's day and bring joy to their holiday season. To thank everyone for their participation, Mami Doodles has generously offered this FRUITY THANK YOU. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS FOR FREE FROM NOW TILL THANKSGIVING. There's also a CHRISTMAS TREE from Just Somelines that you can download for free.

So, using random number generator....... drum roll.... please.... taaaa daaaa here are the list of winners:
Lawn Fawn $25 gift certificate: KELLY LATEVOLA

 Denami Design $25 gift certificate: ANN ITO

Hero Arts package: LEESA BERRY

Paper Crafts Magazine 6 Special Edition: BRENDA URBANIK

Laura Vegas package: ILLISA WILLING

Erin Terrell Clarkson package: LINDA WETTERLIN $25 gift certificate from Brend Cook: KELLEY EUBANKS

Digital Doodles digi stamp set from Kathy Martin: KELLY BERTRAM

$15 worth of digi stamps from Just Some Lines: CAROL BLOOMBERG

 Mami Doodles "Madeline Bake A Cake" set & another set of your choice: LORRAINE NAKASONE

2 Sarah Paris digi stamps: DONNA PRZYBYLOWSKI

2 Lindsay's Stamp Stuff digi stamps: JAMIE LARSEN

Vera's card making package: CINDY GROH

Vera's handmade jewelry package: CAROLYN PICKEN

Winners you have 1 week to claim your prize or another winner will be selected.

Again, thank you to everybody for the help, support, encouragement, and participation. Truly, this card drive is successful because of you. I couldn't have done this without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you will join me again next year and let's do it bigger & better! Let's reach more nursing homes and I will  try even harder to find more sponsors. YOU ALL ARE SO AWESOME!! I'm so blessed to have known you all through the blog land! Hugs!!


Virginia L. said...

WAY TO GO, Vera! Congrats to winners (Leesa, Linda W. and Brenda U--YAY)! So happy for your win!

Kathy Martin said...

Bravo everyone! :)

Kelly said...

Yippee! Thanks for all YOUR hard work in this process. SO many people will be uplifted by everyone's efforts! I see I was a winner. How do we go about claiming the prize? THANKS to ALL of the generous sponsors!!!

Shirl said...

It has been so fun to participate in this! I'm sure next year it's gonna be bigger and better! A pat on the back for everyone who participated and congrats to all the winners!

Ren-Yi said...

congrats everyone and way to go on the card count!

Deirdre said...

Congrats to everyone.

Elisa said...

Congratulations Vera and all the contributed to the card drive. It is a beautiful cause and I am sure be back next year. It was due to your imagination and hard work that the idea came true Vera, you're one amazing girl!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Well done Winners and WELL DONE VERA!

Ilissa said...

Congrats to all the winners..You are awesome Vera!! Thanks for "Hosting" this

Trina said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm happy this turned into such a success!

Alice said...

congrats to all winners! thank you so much for doing this, Vera and am so happy that it's so successful. =)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the success of your card drive, and if you need it I will gladly help you next year, God willing I am here!! I did not even know when I told you I would make some cards that there were prizes even involved, I never read all the directions, just heard your cry for help on flickr.
Any way congrats to the winners, of whom I am one I guess, so let me know what you would like me to do.

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