Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skipping A Day

Today is the day that I somehow skipped during my flight to Indonesia. Yep, I left on Wednesday afternoon and by the time I arrive in Indonesia, it'll be Friday already. No Thursday for me.
I am guessing, when this post goes up, I am somewhere between Moscow & Singapore?? And, missing my husband dearly already.

Here's a quick post of another simple tag I made. I love turtles. Used to have a couple that I named Valentino & Rafael (from Ninja Turtles) and yes, I have a little collection of turtles stuff. I have weaknesses toward cute & cuddly stuff (translation: stuff animals). Luckily, they're all mini size, otherwise I wouldn't have a place to put them.

Oy, I rambled all over the place, didn't I? Hope this post goes up without a glitch and I pray that I arrive safely in Jakarta. Hugs!


Dwita said...

Hi Vera,

By the time you read my comment, you are already in Indonesia. Welcome home, Vera.... Have a good time with your family and friends.
I wish to be able to meet you. Just send me email, will you?

Barb said...

Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could meet Dwita?!! Hope you've arrived home safely, Vera! Have fun! Sweet card today!

Virginia L. said...

Have a SAFE trip, Vera! Keep us posted about your happp\enings!! All the best to our friends in Indonesia...please hug Dwita for me if you ever see her :) xoxo


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