Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You

Yesterday, I received this from Ren-Yi and it totally made me smile. To ALL OF YOU who supported Caring Hearts Card Drive, this is for you from the residents at The Pavilions at Forrestal Assisted Living in Princetown, New Jersey.

Thank you, Ren-Yi for all your help in distributing the cards and thank you Pam (the activity director) for all the care and for this sweet pic.

On to eye candy. Last weekend, I was on a roll in making holiday tags. Here's a couple tags I made using Denami Design penguin stamps. A simpler version than the one I did for Sunday's post. :)

As I count down the hours for my trip to Jakarta, my sweet hubby is counting down the days of me being back home again. Due to circumstances, he couldn't go with me. :( We really don't like being away from each other, but he knows how much I miss my family. I'm thankful  to have such a sweet & supportive hubby!Really wish he could go with me. Thank goodness for phone and email!!

Peeps, hope you have a great Tuesday and stay warm.


Kathy Martin said...

Oh how neat to see some of the residence members with the cards from the drive! Thanks for sharing that Vera! I love your penguin tags....very cute little penguins! :)

Anita Rex said...

Love seeing that thank you! :> Cute tags! It's hard to leave your hubby over the holidays but it's good for you to see your family too! :> I hope you have a great trip!

TammyGtaz said...

Oh, so very cute!!

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