Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Here For You

Good morning and happy Monday! This weekend was so theraupetic for me. Hubby and I spent the weekend at Galveston and it was such a nice break from the daily routine. Being by the ocean is so rejuvenating. 

Saturday morning, we woke up early, went for breakfast, got a beautiful flower bouquet for my dad and headed to the beach. As we laid all the flower blooms, we said prayers for my dad, and I really feel that he's helping me being strong.  When we finish, we walked back to the beach, and there half buried on the sand was this perfect sea shell. It's the gorgeous spiral, elongated one. And it's in such perfect condition. When I touch it, I was thinking, this is so perfect and we couldn't find  another one like that at all. And, somehow in a way I have a feeling that it was my dad's way to say he's "perfectly" happy on the other side. :)


I have several very thoughtful people around me who show me that they're here for me and I truly hope that I am as good of a friend as they are to me. The sentiment, " I am here for you" when prove by the actual gesture of kindness, means so much. Some people truly have touched my life by showing me their support, by truly being here for me. And through this card, I want them to know, I'm here for them, too whenever they go trough tough time.

Thank you everyone for your kindness, support, thoughtful emails, text messages. You help me tremendously. Thank you and I am grateful for you. :) 


Barb said...

What a beautiful story, Vera! Love this pretty card! Sending more love and hugs. . . .

Isha said...

Your post is so full of love Vera. Lovely card too. Thinking of you and keep creating. Lots of love n hugs

Deirdre said...

I think going to the sea/ocean was a great idea, hopefully it helped you and your hubby to deal with the sadness you are experiencing/going through. So lovely you found that shell - and I agree with you, it was definitely a sign. Hugs to you. Deirdre

Alice Wertz said...

beautiful simple card, Vera! love how you stamped the sentiment. so happy to hear that you had a relaxing and soothing weekend and that you are feeling better. big hugs! =)

Vera Rhuhay said...

Simply Beautiful,Vera!

Andrea6760 said...


I am so happy to hear that you experienced such a wonderful sense of your Dad at the beach. Its those special moments when you know your Dad is around you or watching over you that will be the happy memories that I spoke about in a previous email. Although he may not be with you in person, he is always going to be with you in your heart and at times when you least expect it.

Cherish your seashell and smile each time you see it, because it was there just for you!

Your card is beautiful along with the sentiment that it sends. That was so sweet of you to make it.

*Love and Hugs*

Karen said...

Vera such a sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do. Your card is lovely and your thought behind it too.
I am so happy you found your perfect shell, definitely his way of letting you know all is well! :)
Take care, and I know you will enjoy many more uplifting days where you feel your dad is with you.xx

Jehanne said...

I've out of touch with blog land recently and I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. This is a beautiful post, and am I so happy you found the shell. Keep it close.
p.s the card is beautiful too :)

Laurel said...

Beautiful card, beautiful words. I am glad you were able to find a little bit of peace during this very difficult time. I am here if you need anything... Always.

Jackiekg said...

Hi Vera you do not know me and I have never seen your work - which is lovely by the way - but your story really touched me - it is great that you can write about how you feel about your dad and the poem is just beautiful. I am glad that you have such nice memories of your dad and that is always a great help. I got here through Mami Doodles.


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