Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wag Your Tail "Hello"

For today I'll share a card that I made last month for magazine submission. It didn't get pick up, but I still love it. It's actually one of my favorite card. I love the simple and clean design of this card. The stamp is from Eat, Cake, Graphics.

As soon as I saw this cute doggy peering down at something, I knew it's coming home with me. :) I got like 5-6 stamps from them (really reasonably priced, especially when you get the unmounted ones) and most of them are the doggy ones.

This stamp just reminds me of my pug, Ollie, who always so curious and like to check on everything. Her way of thinking: "Oh... mommy has plastic bag filled with goodies, let me see what's in there. Or.. oh... there's the trash can, let me see what's in there, hmm... if I tip it over, let's see how much mess can I make. Well.. hello there goodies to scatter!" Yep, always peering down and checking on things.

It also makes me think of my other pug, Milo that I lost 6 years ago. Cute, cuddly little bugger that I still miss to this day. I like to think that he's hanging out with both of my dads up there now and every now then I imagine him looking down from heaven, wag his tail and say, "Hello, I am up here looking at you and looking forward to seeing you again." Maybe it just my imagination, but it sure makes me smile.

Loosing your love ones, whether it's people or pets, is hard regardless whether it's been week or years. Today is a week from when I received the news of my dad. The ache still there. But like many of you say, sweet memories of our love ones will make us smile and bring us comfort. This card makes me smile and think of many good memories. Thank you all for stopping by and I really appreciate all your sweet comments. You truly brings me comfort this past week. 


~amy~ said...

Such a cutie pie card!

Belinda said...

Adorable! :)

Ayana Posadas said...

So adorable! I love the clean and simple design.

Cassie_lu said...

love, love, love this simple and sweet little card. the dog is just too cute and really bring the focus to the sentiment.

Laurel said...

This is precious! Love it.

whoistracy said...

This is adorable! Love that little pup. I'm always a fan of CAS cards. I noticed you said you have a pug- my brother have 2 and they're soooo much fun. Love those little guys.

Inkerbelle said...

Such an adorable card. I will be 'case-ing' you for sure on this one! Cheers!!

Tiffany said...

Really LOVE this CAS card, it's perfect!

Alice Wertz said...

so cute and such a fab CAS design! lovely card, Vera!

Andrea6760 said...

Hi Vera,

I love your doggy card! How cute!! It reminds me of my little Jake (you can see both of my rescue dogs on my blog left sidebar) and how he is always exploring.

You are doing extremely well Vera for it only being a week since your Dad passed. You have such a healthy and positive attitude that you are an inspiration for others who will or are going through losing a parent and being so far away in distance from them. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


Eisbärin said...

Hi Vera,

has the postman been yet? Love your sweet card!! That doggy is so cute and I love the simplicity of the design!
Hugs, Alex

Elisa said...

Oh, I love this!


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