Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Sweetness

Surprise, surprise!! To commemorate Some Odd Girl 2nd birthday, Kristy surprised all the girls on the DT with not one, but three super sweet birthday sets! Are we lucky or what?? Thanks, Kristy!! 

Back then she called them the shush stamps. ;) But, without further delay, I am please to introduce you to:

What do you think?? I squeal when I saw these sets. They're just way too cute. To get you hand on these cuteness simply visit the SHOP.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing one of my favorite card using Some Odd Girl images made by non-DT member. Each of the DT member get to pick a favorite card, so come back tomorrow to check whose card we pick! :)

Speaking about sweetness, I have a sweet news  to share. First of all, I want to thank everyone for their kind words on my post regarding Nick. First day was the hardest, to face the morning without his greeting. I cried so much that day that my face probably looks like a watermelon. 

Anyway, both hubby and I were heartbroken and we spent the day after start looking for other dogs or puppies. We still have Ollie and we  don't want her to be lonely. And, for those of you who love dogs, knows how hard it is to resist a puppy. 

Well, we open our heart and house to welcome this little guy. At first, I did felt like it was too soon and maybe we were too emotional when we made the decision, but as this little guy look at us, I can't help thinking of how he has the same look that Nick used to give us. 


I cried when we picked this guy up. I was asking hubby if Nick would understand  that I am not replacing him. And, I was reminded that no dog can replace each other place. Each dog has its own special spot in your heart. We decided to go with another pug, since Ollie is getting old and grouchy sometime. Bigger dog might not be good for her. 

At first we were going to name him Elvis, per hubby suggestion. He does looks like a hunk of burning love, doesn't he? But, mommy didn't quite agree with that name. Mommy wants to name this guy Jagger (since I love Maroon Five song) or Ham.

Anyway, we kept arguing back and forth. I think right now we settle on Eli based on one of my favorite TV show Eli Stone. I don't know if you remember that series, but kind of like Glee they have lots of singing and the guy was super sweet. And, this little man (the way hubby like to call him) tend to stop his play when he heard a song on TV. He'll stop and move his head side to side watching the TV.

So, even though I still cry when I think of Nick, I am happy to welcome this sweet little guy to our family. :)


Deirdre said...

Fab cards Vera - congrats on the new addition to your family. I know you are going through heartbreak at the moment but how could you resist that cute face.

Judy1223 said...

Vera, what adorable cards! AHH! Those Mae images are too fun! Love your new sorry for your loss, too. Eli is cute...I loved the show Eli Stone when it was on...I miss it!

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Love all of the cards....awesome images. You new pug, Eli is a cutie. That happens to be our son's cat's name too. What a coincidence.

Leah Crowe said...

oh, Vera!! Your cards with the new birthday Mae are fabulous!! I love love love your new addition to the family. Eli is such a cutie pie! I have a pug too, their sweet right? Big hugs on your loss of Nick.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

BEAUTIFUL cards! You have been super busy--LOVE that mail letter on the last one! FUN! And that little pup is just tooooo cute! I don't think Nick would mind--and I pray that you and your family find comfort during this difficult time of Nick passing and getting a new dog. HUGS:)


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