Friday, January 20, 2012

Stitched Together With Love

Hello there. Are you excited that it's Friday?? I am! We have a new little guy who took so much of my time that trying to juggle everything has left me exhausted this past few days. So, I am really looking forward to weekend! Hoping to get some sleeping time. Our little man, Eli, he is a sweetie. He steals everyone's heart with his playfulness & sweetness.

Although, I caught myself crying a couple times still. I can't help missing Nick and Eli sweetness reminds me of Nick. How I miss my big guy. My heart still ache thinking of him. Eli definitely helps us in moving on, but I think it'll be a while before I can stop crying when I think of Nick. 

Anyway, let's talk card, shall we. Today, I have this simple and sweet card using SP Stamp Sewing Chic and for the life of me (sorry, lack of sleep), I couldn't remember the brand of the paper. But I know, you could get it at SP & Company shop. :)

In case you didn't know, SP & Company also has a blog where you can find many ideas and inspirations. Check it out HERE

Next, I made a card for my exit from A Day For Daisies. Our term is ending and it's been such a pleasure working with Tammy's sweet, beautiful images. Here's my card using the latest release "Sitting In A Snow Globe".

Thank you all for stopping by and happy Friday!! One more week before I am CHA bound! 


thescrapmaster said...

I am so sorry girl. MY heart aches for you. Your heart will get better in time, but I still miss my little Taylor. Doggies are so special!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHH! I'm so sorry you are still upset! I am glad that Eli is having fun with the family and bringing lots of cheer! Super beautiful cards! LOVE that first one--super fab colors for the mannequins--and that second one is simply wonderful!

Susan said...

Welcome to little Eli. No dog can replace the one you lost, but they can bring you new joy. As time goes on, you will find yourself smiling at the happy memories. Your cards are gorgeous, by the way.

Claire Heywood said...

i also find that making use of my hands during grief or sadness helps me recover faster. God bless and keep on crafting.

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Maureen Hayes said...

I am very sorry for your loss. I have a kitty who means the world to me, and I have lost beloved pets in the past. Animals are so special, they love us unconditionally and give us a place to give our love freely as well. Give yourself time, and as others have said, no pet can replace another, but in time your heart will open itself up to love again!


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