Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Oh spring time... gorgeous weather, but boy all those pollen... cc-c-can't stop sneezing!!  I used to never have allergy... ever! But, these past couple years, it's been creeping up on me and it drives me crazy. I used to joke that I never have allergy since I grew up in Indonesia. Got enough pollution there that my body has good resistance.

Now, my body get spoiled from living in a pretty clean atmosphere, I no longer have good resistance, thus I get allergy attack nowadays. That's just my own  theory by the way. :)

Probably didn't help either that I've been cleaning  my room as I am getting it ready for this weekend paint job. Dust floating by, tickling the nose. Ughh... Major cleaning like this made my realize how much stuff I got. I even still have Penny Black & Hero Arts catalog from 2004.

At first, I was like I can sell these stuff on Ebay as I know there are people out there who likes to collect those stuff. But, then  the practical side of me hold over. Do I want to mess with it? Do I have the time to do it? Well, the answer is no. So, many of the catalogs and magazines either go to recycle bin or donations.

I am determine to reduce the amount of collection on my pile. When I buy any crafts stuff, I learn to question myself hard. Do I really need it? Will I really use it? If there's a doubt, I don't buy it.

Oh no... sneeze attack!! Time to get some tea in my body. With that said.... here's a card. You're  my cup of tea. :)

Hope you have a fabby day free from any sneeze attack! I should change my name to Sneezy today. Aahhh....cooooo. Sniff.. sniff...


Lin said...

So cute, Vera - drink lots of tea and hope you feel better soon!

~amy~ said...

What a cutie pie card Vera!

Annette said...

Spring Cleaning that is so not fun. I need to do mine too. Have fun and please share your ebay link when you have stuff up for sale. I would like to check it out..

Your card is too cute..

Anita Recksiedler said...

Sorry to hear that your suffering allergies! Not fun that it's new to you! :> Love this card! :> And yes I wouldn't bother with ebay either for that stuff. :>

debby4000 said...

Adorable beautiful card.

Bethany said...

Pretty card Vera! I love the design!

Susan F. said...

Feel better soon! I love card. The tea cup images are so cute.


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