Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Angel Gwen

Yikes... this post goes up late, late. Time been just been confusing for me. Like, did you know that I almost mistaken my mom's arrival date? Yep, I thought she's arriving on Friday. And, when I called her to see how she's doing with her packing and all, she asked me if I realized that she's arriving on Thursday (she read my blog and notice that I said Friday).

Well, let's not delay any longer, shall we? Here's the new release from Some Odd Girl, called Angel Gwen.

And, here's my card:

You can see what the DT gals created using this sweet set on Some Odd Girl blog. Thank you for swinging by here. Only a few more hours before I get to pick up my mom. I am so excited. :)


Kara Lynne said...

Love the bright green background, it really highlights the girl. Bonus! A day earlier with your mom!

Faye said...

Love how you're used the papers to make Angel Gwen pop out. Beautiful. X

Rachel Parys said...

Awesome work with the new releases!!! They are all too cute! Now I have to decide which ones I want!!

chillin with Quillin said...

she's beautiful !!!!!

Trinh said...

She's beautiful and i love the color you chose for the background. So excited for you! And what a bonus to have an extra day with her!

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