Friday, September 14, 2012

Kaylee's Closet Winter Warmth

This week just been crazy. The amount of work I currently have at the office is pretty staggering. I am not complaining as I am very grateful to have a job that not only provide but also enjoy. It just sometime it gets so overwhelming busy that I feel like a headless chicken running around bumping into everything.

And, I kind of mean  that literally, too. Yesterday, I hit my toes on the desk, hit my shoulder on the glass wall, etc. My boss was like what's wrong with you?? Sigh... crazy time.

Anyway, I picked up my mom from the airport, yesterday and after a hug, her first sentence to me was, "Oh my gosh, I think this will be the last trip I'll take to the States." I can't blame her. It's a long flight from Indonesia. And she is almost 71. On top of that during the 16 hours flight from Doha to Houston, there's a family with a crying toddler who cried non-stop for 9 hours. My mom was worried that she's going to go crazy.

Let just said that by the time she got here, she has fever and shaking quite a bit. Not feeling well and add crying baby on top of that, I could just imagine how uncomfortable the long trip for her. Today, she's staying at home and resting. Eli the puppy and Ollie my old gal are keeping her company. :)

Now, as I mentioned this week been just crazy, and I forgot to put up my post to introduce Some Odd Girl addition to Kaylee's Closet:  Winter Warmth.

Love it that you can dress up Kaylee in so many cool & cute outfit. Check out what the DT created HERE

Thanks for stopping by here and please come back tomorrow for Avocado Arts Pit Crew blog hop. :)


Maria said...

cute card

Annette Allen said...

she is gorgeous..

Kara Lynne said...

So fun to play dress up! Your poor mom! So sorry to hear she's feeling bad after that long and frustrating journey! I'm sure, however, she'd do it all again to be with you!

Susan F. said...

Love the card! I wonder if you could get aome earplugs or a sound device your Mom can listen to when she has to go back. Hugs for your Mom. Hopefully she'll bounce right back so you all can enjoy the visit.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

She is too cute!Her outfit looks adorable :) Hope your mum enjoys her visit...plane flights are always a pain aren't they! :)

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