Monday, October 22, 2012

Saying Hello

Hi'ya everyone! Yep, yep... this blog still exist. So sorry for the lack of post lately. I was away on vacation for a week and it took me longer to recuperate from it than what I expected. LOL, I need a vacation from the vacation. Does it  make any sense?

I literally had to come in to work straight from the airport to help my boss with some urgent stuff. Yep, I came in with flip flop and all. Then, dealing with jetlag. But, I am happy to report that I am back. Well, kinda. Hah... my work is still kind of crazy and I still want to spend as much time as possible with my mom while she's here, so not much crafting happening lately.

Good thing for publication rejects!! I have quite a few and they work nicely to fill in the blog. :) Including this birdie card. I love using bird image on my card. And, I notice the color gray kind of grow on me lately. I may have or not shared this card. I really can't remember. Sorry, if it's a repeat.

Now, since this blog also my way to keep in touch with my siblings that live in Indoesia, hope you don't mind if I am sharing some vacation pics & story. :)

We started with 8 hours flight from Houston to Honolulu. My hubby is tall, so he definitely couldn't wait for the plane to land. No fun being cramped in the small seat. The day we arrived we just took it easy. But, for the next day we booked a tour that picked us up at 7 am and dropped us off at 10.30 pm!!

Crazy  schedule. We had loads of fun as we went to visit so many place including Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, North Shore beach, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. The tour ended with an amazing show at the Polynesian Center, but I think almost half of the tour people were fighting sleep by then even though it was a 7 pm show because many of us just arrived the day before & dealing with jetlag. I was struggling to keep my eyes open to watch the show because I was sooo tired. But all in all we enjoyed our stay in Honolulu.

Here's some pic from our stay in Honolulu. 

With Pearl Harbor survivor Alfred B.K. Rodriguez.
Bought his book about Pearl Harbor.

With my mom at Hanauma Bay.

Hanauma Bay. The color... L.O.V.E!!

At Pali Lookout. It was so windy that you can pretty
much forget about good hair day. Am hiding behind my hair. :)

Our fabulous tour guide. Showing off our Fiji "tattoo". ;)

BTW, I was never a hat kind of girl, until I found this fedora. I am in love with this hat! LOL, when I met up with the super sweet Joscelyne Cutchens at the airport, she just saw me from the back,  but she recognized my hat! (I had posted a pic wearing the fedora on FB). Joscie is just super sweet. She made the trip to the airport just so we can meet before I leave for Maui. Her boy took our pic. LOL, he took better pic of us than hubby. Thank you, Joscie for taking the time to meet me. I love meeting you!!

Pic courtesy of Joscie.

Tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll share some pics from Maui. And, I notice quite a few new followers to my simple blog. I want to say thank you and welcome. I appreciate your visits here very much. Mahalo. :)


Virginia L. said...

Love the text bird, Vera! You always make the cutest bird cards! The vacation photos are awesome! That was so nice of Jocelyne to meet you at the airport! Rest up now! PS: My cards for the card drive are on their way to you!

Kelly said...

VERY Cool card! You should be getting Holiday cards from me any day now if not already! (:

~amy~ said...

wahooooo for vaca pics! love them!!!!! I hope to meet up with Joscie in the next couple of weeks since she's coming to the Seattle CK event!

Your bird card is beautiful!

chillin with Quillin said...

nice bird card, and more great pics !!!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

yay! It was so nice to meet you and your family :) xoxo


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